December 5, 2015


Ian Westermann from

I’ve personally dealt with tennis elbow in the past and know exactly how disruptive it can be. Not only to a person’s tennis game, but to life in general. If you’re one of the countless tennis enthusiasts that struggle with tennis elbow then you owe it to yourself to give Elbow Ease a try. I have, and I can feel it working exactly the right spot immediately. It’s a tool that I wish I had a few years ago when my forearm was hurting on every single backhand!” Cheers and best of luck.

Joe from Ormond Beach, FL

“Thanks guys, my golf game has improved since I got rid of the pain in my arm. I thought it was golfers elbow, but the pain really was tennis elbow. Great product, my swing and game has never been better”

Jim from Colorado

“Great, I ride my bike a lot and the vibrations were causing me pain in my forearm. I tried Elbow Ease and within weeks the pain went away.”