April 14, 2016

Pain in the Elbow when Bending

Stop Pain in the Elbow when Bending

Most people that love playing sports at one time or another have experienced pain in their elbow especially when you bend your elbow or grip something. This pain can occur when you grip using a bat, tennis racket, or a bowling ball. To get relief from this pain, there are several things you can do. But the bottom line is you want to get rid of the pain as soon as possible now and in the future if it comes back.

You should know that the elbow joint forms where the upper arm bone (humerus) meets with the radius and the ulna (bone parts that form the forearm). There are several tendons and muscles on that spot, which closely interact and provide a wide motion range for your arm coupled with the strength in your fingers, wrist, and hand. Through constant strain and motion, the tendons in the elbow inflame or experience micro tears. This problem eventually leads to a painful damage in your arm muscles.

In the world of sports, it is known as tennis elbow, most golfers have tennis elbow not golfer’s elbow, which is a pain on the inside of your forearm.


How Does Elbow Ease Work?

Elbow Ease is an exercise band, made out of silicone with five loops for your fingers. Once you insert your fingers through the loops and extend your fingers outward you feel it work immediately. This motion will also strengthen your muscles and stretch the tendon that connects them to your elbow. If you continue this process the pain will usually go away and continued use will strengthen your grip. and return you to a healthy state.

Other Benefits of Using Elbow Ease

Elbow Ease is also useful for people who suffer from wrist pains or finger stiffness. Besides getting it from playing sports, people also get it from mobile devices, gaming, fishing and even opening bottles or opening jars.

Since Elbow Ease is made out of silicone it will last for years and years and anytime you experience pain in your elbow you can pull it out and get the relief you need. Since it also exercises your muscles, you can also use it to strengthen your grip. It is available in different colors, can be used on either hand and one size fits all.

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Nathan Wei is a nationally-known board-certified rheumatologist and writer of the Opinion Arthritis Treatment Kit. Pain in the arm at the inside or outside of the elbow that’s aggravated by movement, grasping, twisting or expansion and flexion of the wrist suggest tendinitis of the elbow. Pain in the arm or hand with numbness and tingling indicate nerve entrapment. Pain in the arm connected with weakness might indicate disease or harm to the brachial plexus. That is the big trunk of nerves that enters the arm from the neck. If there’s a severe pain in the arm or hand after upheaval, then break or muscle or ligament damage is the likely cause.

If there’s deformity, the break is the likely problem. Potential causes include arterial narrowing to the arm possible center problems. Diseases of the gall urinary bladder and lung can also cause referred pain to the shoulder and arm. Pain in the elbow, wrist, or finger, associated with swelling, redness, heat signals inflammation. The patient desires to be upset for streptococcal or alternative contagious problem. If there’s no temperature or low-grade fever, then inflammatory forms of arthritis like gout, pseudogout, psoriatic arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms need to be considered. Hand discomfort accompanied by colour changes in the fingers also suggests a circulatory problem.

Options include Raynaud’s phenomenon or arterial tissue in the arm. If they’re colour and temperature change along with perspiration of the arm and this has come on after injury, then a diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome is suggested. Pain the arm or hand associated with numbness, prickling, and neck stiffness or pain points towards a possible issue with cervical radiculopathy. Diagnosis is made through the cautious physical exam and magnetic resonance imaging of the neck and electric studies to demonstrate nerve damage. Pain in the fingers around the finger nail suggests a possible paronychia. This is supposed to be assessed for possible incision and drainage. Seldom, arm pain is due to malignancy like osteosarcoma.